Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The E-Blast Strikes Back

So today the monthly email was sent out, through Constant Contact. I’d already proofed my section yesterday, the Button Discount portion. But that meant today, I had to update the Button Discount info on our website

And on our Facebook group , and the blog on the MySpace page.

Now, if you aren’t familiar with the Fringe Festival, and haven’t checked out the website yet, you’re probably asking yourself, what is the “Button Discount”. To do that, I’m going to have to explain the Button.

The Capital Fringe Festival implemented the Button for the first time last year, but Fringe Festivals the world over have used it to varying degrees. During the festival, it functions as the Festival Pass. You only need to purchase it once and $5, but must have it to attend any Capital Fringe Festival performance. This is one of the ways Capital Fringe is able to support and pay the artists who participate. And it becomes a nice collector’s item as the Button changes from year to year.

But the Button wasn’t finished after the Capital Fringe Festival ended last July. Throughout the year various organizations and establishments have partnered with Capital Fringe to offer Fringers various discounts to patronize them. When I started my internship, I became the point person for finding and communicating with these monthly Button Discount partners.

Those that choose to be a Button Discount for the month could offer any Discount they think will appeal to our e-mail subscribers and website visitors, whether it be monetary or some in-kind item that Fringers receive with a purchase. In return, they are included in our monthly email which goes out to over 12,000 subscribers, and on the Button Discount page on our website until the next month’s email.

Now as this is the final month before the Festival, I’m going to be focusing my efforts in the area that Capital Fringe is in, Penn Quarter. Last year, the Festival Venues were a little spread out, but this year, all locations are located within several blocks of each other and Fort Fringe, our home on 6th & New York Ave. Four of those venues are actually IN Fort Fringe.

And with the number of bars and restaurants in the area, it will be a great way to compliment the festival atmosphere. We already have La Tasca and Penn Quarter Sports Tavern on board to be Button Discounts during the festival in July, and that’s just the beginning. Keep an eye out to see what other Button Discounts there will be by opening night.

Until next week,


Next Week: Proofing the Festival Guide and sending it to print, receiving Artists’ images for it and making sure they fit the specifications, and a couple of surprises.